The SHATO offers:

Trading platform for alcohol sale: Trading platform where customers can purchase alcohol directly from the manufacturer. Distinctive features of the platform are: registration of a joint purchase of alcohol at a bargain price, fixing the history of all orders in the blockchain, as well as receiving remuneration in the form of internal cryptocurrency for activity on the site.
The liquor auction: The Shato alcohol auction provides producers of alcohol or investors (matured alcohol) with the opportunity to put their products up for sale in any size, and anyone willing to safely and without intermediaries buy these products as in a regular auction.
Alcohol lottery: Any client of the platform that has the internal currency of the Shato service (STC tokens) will be able to try their luck in regular sweepstakes of expensive alcoholic beverages.
Investment in the ripening alcohol: Customers of the Shato service will be able to invest in maturing alcohol (wine, brandy, etc.). After the ripening of the alcohol, the client will be able to arrange its delivery from the manufacturer or put up a batch of his alcohol at the Shato platform auction.
Investment in the maturing alcohol
Elite alcohol lottery
The alchohol sale platform
Alcohol auctions
Alcohol lottery: Any client of the platform that has the internal currency of the Shato service (STC tokens) will be able to try their luck in regular sweepstakes of expensive alcoholic beverages.

ICO Problem & Solution

faced by the BUYER:
  • the inability to ensure the quality of the product;
  • a difficulty in choosing the product offered by either famous or small brands;
  • an exorbitant price of alcohol set by the retailers (as price mark-ups can reach up to 1000%)
  • International shipping and delivery;
  • Guaranteed product quality;
  • A large assortment of liquor (comprehensive information about each kind of alcohol is provided;
  • Fair prices and Discounts when liquor is purchased with STC tokens;
  • The opportunity to pay for purchases with both fiat money and cryptocurrency;
  • Secure purchases via smart-contract;
  • The opportunity to make long-term investments in maturing alcohol;
faced by the MANUFACTURER
  • high competition on the alcohol market;
  • internal barriers leading to the limitation of production volume due to the existing relationships with the market leaders with large retail/wholesale networks;
  • enormous costs of marketing and product promotion;
  • overproduction and subsequent growth of the storage costs for the products;
  • Quick sales start and expansion of the sales market;
  • No need for expensive marketing;
  • An entry into the rapidly growing market of cryptoactive assets;
  • Additional tools for inventory management;
faced by the INVESTOR
  • a large number of scam proposals offering investments in the pyramids with the promise of the huge revenues (300 to 1000% annually)
  • a lack of opportunities to invest in profitable wine funds as as the minimum admission fee starts at 250,000 euros ;
  • Minimal investment threshold starts from 1100 USD;
  • Two portfolios are designed for the investors willing to invest their funds either in wine or (and) French brandy;
  • All investment operations (with the exception of the investment agreement) are recorded in blockchain;

ICO Tokens Details

Tokens Offered
300 Million
Soft Cap (Public ICO)
500 000
Hard Cap
3 000 000
Tokens Distributed
0 days after token sale ends
Price per token
0,01 USD
The team has chosen to refuse from the traditional bonus system.

Token Allocation Forecast

the ICO sale
The team and the
The company
The consultants
Platform design and development
Marketing and promotion
Operational expenditures
Research and consulting expenses
Legal and compliance fees
Marketing and Bounty

Road map

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White Paper creation;
Team formation;
Design specification of the platform
Design of the architecture of integrated blockchain and platform.
Design of the SHATO architecture.

Creating a smart contract ICO
Smart contract auditing
White Paper publication
ICO legal due diligence
Introductory version of the platform smart contracts
Smart contract auditing
Smart contract publications

2019 MAY
Prototype development
2019 MARCH
ICO start and bounty campaign
Launch of the SHATO alpha-version for the ICO participants
Platform testing
Development of mobile application infrastructure on IOS and Android platforms
Launch of the SHATO betaversion
2020 Q1
Launch customer support program
Registration for all users
Official launch of the SHATO project
Invitation of the sellers and buyers to the platform
Creating news in the media
2020 Q1
First official sales facilitated by the SHATO platform
Geographic growth of the project
Launch of the SHATO mobile application
Further development of the infrastructure
Scaling to the Asian market

Our Team

Gnezdilov Vladimir
Vasily Ukhov
Dmitry Belousov
Valery Matulenko
Elena Insheva
Anton Koltsov
Smart contract developer
Ilya Belousov
Business process modeling and optimization specialist
Ekaterina Fenina
Designer/Bounty manager
Natalya Yuseva

Our Partner

The SHATO team is partnered with a famous French manufacturer CGM WINS who has been an active player on the elite alcohol market for 21 years. CSM VINS produces a wide range of high-quality wine.
The SHATO team is negotiating cooperation agreements with alcohol manufacturers located in France, Georgia, Italy, Spain, and other countries.

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Our Team

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